Calling all crafters… What’s this?

An introduction… What’s this?

An Introduction… I am a mom, I have a full time job & I like to do crafty stuff. I happen to have very crafty friends and family (who have less disasters than me). What’s this? This is a platform for all of those closet crafters who make amazing stuff that is worth selling, who do not have time to spend their Saturdays sitting at a craft market because they have life stuff to do and if they do have spare time, they would be crafting.

How did this all start?

I do not think I am alone when I say, I spend far too much time on Pinterest and I have boards and boards of crafts that I will try… one day. The reality is… someone else out there has already done it, many times, and they are eager to let you have it because… well, they have so many. You can buy them here so that you can gift it, hang it up, brag that you made it (we won’t tell anyone).

Why are we looking for crafters?

If you happen to be a good closet crafter and have your beautifully finished items that are spilling out of your craft space, why not sell them? You can contact us for a listing. We’re always looking for new exciting products to share with everyone. This is the place where you can find those Pinerest “one days” and turn them into today.

I will be partnering with some of the more enthusiastic crafters and we will get pretty good and telling you how to do some of the neat crafts that you will see on this website. I am a particular fan of upcycled crafts… Make sure you check in on our blog regularly so that we can share our trade secrets… Or you can fake it, let someone else make it so that you can say that you did. Make sure you like us on Facebook, follow us on Pinterest. Share your own tutorials with us and we will do our best to choose some of them to make.

This will be the next upcycled project I will be working on. Can you guess what it is made of?

Crafters project Tyre Ottoman Upcycled Craft


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