Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Dads, introducing Mother’s Day Gift guide. We know that mother’s day can be very overwhelming and we want to help you score those all important points.

We’ve put together a really easy to follow gift guide… I think what is important to remember is that Mother’s Day is 24 hours long and as a result, one simple gesture or gift is not going to make the day a resounding success. So let’s get started…

Food/Drinks are important

This can come at any part of the day, but traditionally it starts with breakfast in bed. This is not the space to let children be creative. You need to ensure that you’re giving mom something that she really and truly loves to eat/drink. It really should be edible. If you are not a whizz in the kitchen, you can use services like UberEats to deliver that all important meal of the day OR you can take her to her favourite restaurant for breakfast, brunch or an early dinner.

Kids need to be involved

The physical gift should be “kid designed” but where dad’s get involved is to ensure that the kids’ design is put onto something useful (no more macaroni photo frames or pottery ashtrays). Take a photo of their picture or painting and send it and have us put it onto a tote bag, cushion, coffee mug or even a t-shirt. You could even create “mom’s squad” t-shirts for the whole family of Mother’s Day helpers. That will make her feel super special.

It needs to come from the heart

Store bought gifts are fine, particularly if they from mom’s wish list. However, always accompany such gifts with something really heartfelt and personally penned. You can help the kids pen their note or if they can create the note themselves even better.

Surprise and delight

A well timed “flower” reveal makes mom feel super special – but be careful when deciding what to give her. If she does not have green-fingers, rather don’t get her that beautiful, difficult-to-look-after, orchid. Instead, opt for a bunch of her favourite cut flowers. Have them delivered to the house or have the children hand them over proudly.

Take her relaxation into account

All moms are busy moms, whether they are full time working moms, stay at home moms or work at home moms. They need a little pampering. If you can splash out and give her a spa voucher – it would be ideal. However, a “day spa” where the kids offer foot massages or head massages will be well appreciated. You can even put together a little home pamper kit. We’ll do a tutorial on this soon.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you’re not creating a mess that she will need to clean up later and focus on family togetherness to make her feel like the most treasured person on the planet.

We know that your mom and her mom should also be spoilt. Try ensure that your plans include these special women and do not make mom do all the cooking, entertaining and cleaning. This will probably put a dampener on her Mother’s Day. We hope that you have found theĀ Mother’s Day Gift guide useful. You can find some great personalised gifts here


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