Tutorial: Easter Egg-E-Gram

Tutorial: Easter Egg-E-Gram

With Easter looming – we’ve come up with some fun DIY tutorials including this Easter Egg-E-Gram. This will help keep the kids busy and will ensure that you have beautiful, thoughtful gifts to give to your friends and family. In this tutorial, we have put together a little video that you can watch but we have also added in some step by step notes to follow. In the notes, we have tried to include so extra steps to help you with some other considerations.

You will need to following items:

  1. Eggs that you can from a grocery store
  2. Bowl
  3. Pin to poke holes into the eggs
  4. A screw
  5. Rice
  6. Paint and decorations for the eggs
  7. Paper/Pen to write a note
  8. Small Box
  9. Felting/hessian/straw to make a nest
  10. Decorations for the box

Here are the instructions to make the  Easter Egg-E-Gram:

  1. Poke the eggs on both ends using a pin (I used the pin on my egg boiler)
  2. Use the screw to make the hole at the bottom of the egg a little bigger
  3. Get your breath ready, blow all the liquid out of the egg into a bowl
  4. Rinse the egg out (this will stop it smelling)
  5. Once it has been rinse, create a nest of rice and place the egg vertically in the rice nest, leave overnight to draw all the water out (otherwise it will smell)
  6. Decorate your egg with paint, crystals, pearls (we used poster paint and had to paint on a number of layers)
  7. Write a note on the paper (1cm x 8cm)
  8. Roll up tightly
  9. Put into the egg through the bigger hole
  10. Create a nest inside the box with felting, straw or material
  11. Place the egg into the nest
  12. Close the box
  13. Decorate it and address it to the recipient
  14. Deliver it with love 🙂

It took most of the weekend to put this together, so if you need an Easter gift that is unique and made with love – you can click here

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