Tutorial: Make a succulent terrarium

Tutorial: Make a succulent terrarium: Last weekend I spent some time making a succulent terrarium. Actually I made quite few of them, because I was tidying up my succulent plants. The containers I used in the video were some glass baubles I had ordered but I also made some in a glass vase, a tin water can, a bird cage and old pots…

In order to make these gorgeous little gardens, you will need the following:

  1. Containers for the terrarium
  2. Silica (washed river sand)
  3. Potting soil
  4. Stones for decoration
  5. Plants (preferably with some roots) – if you would like some tips and tricks on how to propagate plants, you can click here.

Below is the step by step guide. But you can also view our video here:

  • Ensure that the containers are nice and clean
  • Add Silica – a thin layer
  • Add Potting soil, enough to cover the roots of the plants
  • Create little indents in the potting soil
  • Place the plants and secure in place (if the containers are quite small/enclosed, you may need to use some tools to help you with step)
  • Once the plants are secure in the soil, you can then add the stones to decorate, alternatively, you can add another layer of silica

While succulents do preserve water in their leaves and stems, they still need to be in a temperate environment and water them a least once a week to ensure that they always look their best.

These plants make for creative, adorable gifts. We have some in our webstore that you send to your loved ones.

succulent terrarium

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